Monday, November 27, 2006

Shuffling the 12"s

After a fairly frenetic weekend, decided to share some not so common tracks from a variety of jangly artists. I promise you will fall in love with these tunes.

In the UK corner we have Caretaker Race, featuring ex-Loft Andy Strickland and their 3rd single which also appears on the LP 'Hangover Square'. Catchy in a Bitter Springs/Go-Betweens way. Whirl are from Manchester and their first 12" Heaven Forbid features 4 cracker tracks, the title track being the clear winner.

An LP I picked up in 1985 [I recall getting a Dentists record at the same time at good old Waterfront Records in Sydney] by the Ruby Chain. This was one of these releases that had the classic Waterfront sticker on the front, which was the sole reason for many off the cuff purchases. No chance of pre-listening on a blog or via Oink etc...

The stcker said "Great new group from Holland!! With an equally great album!!! Melodic; Sweet; gentle POP not too far removed from the Go-Betweens." While the LP wouldn't necessarily be in my all time top 10, there is something about the track Bridesmaiden I especially love. Classic example of jangly.

Buzz of Delight is early incarnation of Matthew Sweet, such a happy release! Normally I play 'In Summer' on radio, but Miracle is a killer track as well.

Enough already! Start downloading.

Track listing:

I wish I'd said that CARETAKER RACE [from LP Hangover Square - Foundation Label]
Bridesmaiden THE RUBY CHAIN [from LP Sharon's Smile - Ruby Records 01]
Better than before SNEAKY FEELINGS [from 12" Better Than Before - Flying Nun]
Heaven Forbid WHIRL [from Heaven Forbid 12" - Playroom Records]
I want to say what goes without saying THE WOULD BE'S
[from 12" I'm Hardly Ever Wrong - Decoy Records]
Time to groom KITCHENS OF DISTINCTION [from LP 'Love Is Hell' - One Little Indian]
Miracle BUZZ OF DELIGHT [from 12" Soundcastles - DB Records]
Go South THIRD CIRCLE [from LP Raging Sun -Rouska]

256 kps

You likee.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Pop Frenzy!

OK OK, I know I'm obsessive-compulsive, but this is getting redickasickalus. Can't stop touching ye olde vinyl, must encode. Please download and enjoy these pop pearls. This is pure C86 pop heaven.....Mainly 7"s but with the odd 12" thrown in for good measure.

I used to play this game with friends selecting music. Based on the shelving, they pick a row, pick a section and then pick a CD number. This could be great [ie: Shop Assistants] or terrible [ie: Chang the Magic Dragon].

This selection was from section 5, row 3. Not a drop of crud in sight!

The opening track from Brilliant Corners would without a doubt be one of my ALL TIME FAVS!

The Fat Tulips track is the first [of I hope many] flexidisc conversions to MP3.

[256 usual]


Delilah Sands BRILLIANT CORNERS [SS20 Records - SS28]
She dazzled me with basil THE DENTISTS [Tambourine Records - URINE 1]
Decide BODINES [Play Hard Records - DEC 18]
Stop the Rain SUEDE CROCODILES [Nostrings Records- NOSP 2]
Going To Heaven To See If It Rains CLOSE LOBSTERS [Fire Records- BLAZE 15]
Wonderful World BMX BANDITS [53rd & 3rd Records - AGARR 006]
You opened up my eyes FAT TULIPS [Sweet William Flexi (FLX)]
So finally sweet THE WISEACRES [Cherry Red Cherry95]

Oh, I know I should be a little more scanning the label savvy....but know...

I'd bite you if I had the teeth!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Next Up!

I've stumbled upon a few 12"s/LPs I left in my locker at work, so thought I'd make another podcast of tracks from those few records. There are some cracking tracks [not all in the jangly style however] from Woodentops, Jack Rubies, The Reels, Skolars, Railway Children, Fast Cars and Go-Betweens!

The Jack Rubies were a real favourite of mine, they first came to attention through a compilation LP with the track 'Wrecker of Engines'. The 2 tracks featured come from later 12"s.
Both the Woodentops and Railway Children were minor crossover indiepop that ended up being sort of neglected, which is a shame in the case of RC cause they had some fantastic jangly songs.

The Reels 'Beautiful' was a fab tongue in cheek slice of easy listening/sunshine pop, the cover of 'This Guy's In Love With You' is to die for [was released as a 7" in Australia], I went with the lesser known cover of Roberta Flack's 70's hit. Skolars and Fast Cars were cult Sydney bands of the early 80s and I still love em, hope you do too....


Be with you JACK RUBIES [Idea IDT004]
Good Thing WOODENTOPS [Rough Trade RTRANZ 014]
World Weary GO-BETWEENS [Cherry Red BRED 76]
Where is the love? THE REELS [K-Tel NA616]
No No FAST CARS [Method MET001]
Content RAILWAY CHILDREN [Factory FACT185]
Something (should be done) SKOLARS [Method MET001]
Here Comes Love JACK RUBIES [Lush lush1T]

Vinyl Madness

I was inspired by Sideroom's blog, my old musical jousting partner, we'd often in our youth make a mad dash to Waterfront records where a brown paper bag lay under the counter and whoever got there first got the fruits that lay within.

I've spent way too much of my hard earned over the years in this fashion, collecting vinyl which has been lovingly cared for. I thought it about time to share the love. Most of my singles are indiepop from the eighties.

For the first podcast you'll hear the first singles from Acid House Kings and the Orchids, UK indiepop from The Beat Hotel and Gravy Train and Aussie magic from Tender Engines and The Unstrung Harp, who sadly have sunk without a trace! Add 2 corkers from US Bag-O-Shells and Heartworms and you're POPPEN-EM with JONNY B!


Clinging to the Wreckage TENDER ENGINES
[Summershine shine 002]
[Household Hold 2]
Thanks for the headache HEARTWORMS
[Darla Records Darla 003]
Give me some peppermint freedom THE ORCHIDS
[Sarah Records Sarah 002]
Pocketbook BAG-O-SHELLS
[Bus Stop bus009]
Sticks and Stones THE UNSTRUNG HARP
[Rampant rr016]
Why does the sun fall from the sky GRAVY TRAIN
[A Turntable Friend turn13]
[Marsh-Marigold Records gold10]


Get ya indie classics